Thursday, September 27, 2012


New Seed shirt that i recently bought for someone.I quote you before from Michael Kors.So i try to give gifts to someone that really close with me.We don't need to expecting something from people,what we need is to give them reward.Yes reward as i do just right now.We don't realize that with gift,i mean a simple gift like t shirt that may costed you around RM20 is not a big deal will actually gave the big impact to the peoples.So i take a change to give something to my friend because he always be nice to me no matter what and always spared time with there it is.. 

turquoise color is really my feveret...  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

royal couple KLCC through my lenses

Ok...i i dah lama bersawang...tinggal tunggu blogger bagi warning je kan...Not because i don't want to update, i have a lot to shares but when i start to create a post,then i just realized how lazy i am during that period..but this one,i really want to tell everybody..even the whole planet that!!!...Considering this is not my wishlists, i just called it mission unexpected accomplish...I'm just the lucky guy in this world that have a really unforgettable moment and even experience to see Royal couple Prince William and her lovely duchess of cambridge Kate Middleton!!! and the most memorable part when i have a shakehand with both of them.i'm the lucky person in this world..Ok enough said...

I'm with my boyfriend..i mean boy friend lah kan..kawan lelaki...bukan that type of couple..ok whatever..wake up early morning to catch the train...then finally we were arrived about 10am..In my mind,i just set just to look around to see the real princess that people always talked as fashion mogul,one of the Diana's replaced...I wanna see with my big eye..yes of course she's my favourite princess and i love how she's dress and everything that she wore just stunning...

Damn crowded with people

During that moment,i was stand at the corner of the first spot place the Kate limo might be stop..The peoples totally insane with the cheers screaming with flags and i just standing there with my camera like waiting for toilet queue..hahahah...not funny.Actually i saw like a golf car without window wait at the corner and they might be in that car and not walking as per usually the stars do..Yes it is..When they arrived,people just screaming with their name specially Kate!!

See how closed kate with me..this lenses without having any zoom

First though when a couple across me,i just wave my tiny hand..hahaha...and i can't see them clearly because people start becoming crazy and keep push people in front..So in my mind i finally said,.."tak bleh jadi ni..alang2 dah sampai,takkan nak usha je,kurang2 dapat salam dgn Kate"...Ok then

 Just ignore the police man ok.enjoy the lady

Also please ignored the women in blue..she just pretend to be sweet as Kate..huhu

After the not splendid moment at first spot corner, i ran over the park and finally stopped at one center port that not really crowded..Fuhhh lega ok...Then Kate out from car and start walking around the park..i said,ok then it my moment...Kate and William walked in front of me and boommmm...william hand finally sticked in my hand...And the best moment he said "thank god,..."and keep smile..OMG...i'm totally sweating!!!

William also cheap with smile..look at him

After a moment,Kate walked in front of me and about 10 inchi closed with my face guys!!!it totally crazy...i just said,Kate,u such a lovely..i love you..Even her perfume i can smell it clearly and it Burberry guys.!!!haha

Then i stretch out my hand to her and she finally hand my hand about just out of my mine and she kept said hiii to people and smile..OMG...

i just love you Kate...Please welcome back to Malaysia

What can i say,they just humble couple that cannot stop from smile and it is true,Diana is inside Kate..The aura of late Diana, we can saw in Kate smile..She just perfect,stunning and magnificent..The dress she wore during that period is from Beulah and the pump from LK bennet.I hope someday i can design dress for her and i hope she can wearing it..ohh harapan...So enjoy the pic that i snap through my lenses!!!!not copycat from any other website...walla...