Friday, December 28, 2012

It really sweet when there is someone taking care of you..even jusy asked on how you feel..rather than you hoping for someone that you really into for almost a decade,but never ask neither you good or just a fake relationship when you pretend everything is just well,or else actually is not..

Saturday, December 1, 2012

wordless saturday start when i started to miss you..


when it come to little kids faces, no matter what kids around neither i know him or not, it turn sensitive in me.How much i love kid, i much i'm passion about their coquettish or never disappointing me at all. When you see at kids impression, the more you like to ask yourself , what exactly in his mine, what exactly he thinking...what matter he want to do.Kids mine really mysterious.

I'm back from lecturer hour and friend of mine stopped by 7E for a while. I'm not in and just kept waiting outside. Then, one guy with his little kid, same age with my buddy at hometown as i remember, step inside the store and maybe he don't realize that his little kid behind his ass and kept calling him , Abang Di..

Back to that guy, when he step inside, the automatic door was closed  immediately after he in and let that little kid stuck outside and he keep calling his uncle "Abang Di..Abang Di..."with kid's dialect..His Abang Di never realized he's outside and he can't in because the door seem impossible to open by his little hand. So he keep push the door until i come to him. I smile and open the door for him. He smile and smile without say anything. He ran over his uncle and Abang Di let he picked air kotak that he like most. He choose chocolate thing rather than juice.So kids!!!..haha

I'd just love that moment when i saw that kid, same old with my nephew, really smart enough, wearing watch but don't know the time, do the same hairstyle with their loved icon..His shoe absolutely in Ben10 theme. What else. I'm pity on them..what else they hope?..they don't have the energy like mature people have. They don't have money to live, they don't have anything. But they just have parents to depend on us. That why everytime i'm back to my hometown, i will check every of my nephews and play with them, ive got 5 so far. the youngest one only 1 years old and the older in standard 3 now. I looked into their eyes and feel, omigod, it seem hard to i'm lose with them. No matter what they want, i tried to figure it out. What toys they need, i give it..But please, don't kick them, don't do anything that related to violence. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Do you guys realized that sometime, the small issue like, we care for someone, i don't focusing on male or female, it maybe one of them if you feel so, we care for him, we help him as much as we can, we available when he need us, i mean between both of peoples without having any serious relationship.It is not like we like him, otherwise we just care for him over than any of our friend.So it also like, we care for him,then he really not really into us..No, he actually threaten us somehow we done it.

But to be issue for me, in this particular situation, i mean not really serious situation,let say he make a something review, and not mentioned you but he does't missed to mention all of his friend that related to the review..Something like this..

"Today is my really big day,There something that i would like to wish as my compulsory to all of you...***,**,**,***,**"...(he named all of his friends and your name isn't on the list...)

Yeah maybe you think that, you name isn't on the list is quite ok, but for me after i read all those thing, my adrenalin suddenly up until the top.i felt that, who i am beside him...why he not mentioning me.Why..why and why..we keep questioning for the answer...But then after that, we will avoid him for one or two day without tolerate.Offline the chatting bar, keep blinding with his post and so took a moment to healing from something reason that we already not sure..because we think that we actually mad at him, but careful gurl, it maybe mean something...i don't know it..But when you felt in that particular way, you need to accept of all of the consequences. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dior phenomenal

When i said that i'm not really into fashionable guy that mean i am more into designer guy.Yep that it unless you can tell me which designer are so fashionable nowdays.?Nope right...except for Lagerfeld with his status of one of the talented designer in the world.Perhaps, about other designer that i really adore so much with their masterpiece such as Miuccia prada,Giorgio Armani, Peter Dundas, Christopher Bailey, Frida Giannini, of maybe Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy and John Galliano for the house of Dior.It just a phenomenal to saw every piece of their gourmet.In other way with their own signature, circa 2007/08/09 was really out of mine that i can say compared to recently season.It not blowing at all.

With the left of Galliano and replaced by  Bill Gaytten then Raf Simons down from Jil Sanders to take part in the house of Dior.What already left for Dior that i knew really blow my mine from the pret the porter until couture design..Every inch of dresses is not Dior at all.For me Dior is Galliano.Never been replace.Not that i speak about Dior also YSL new creative designer Hedi slimane which is represent his new collection spring 2013 a month back YSL.I mean Saint Lauren Paris!!!!What else he want to change,Yves Saint Lauren is the most powerful luxury brand almost a decades.

Christian Dior by John Galliano

Christian Dior by Bill Gaytten

Christian Dior by Raf Simons

You tell me the different...

image by style

Education interesting

After my International Symposium Geomatic 2012 held at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur that i has been invited to received an award as a 1st Runner Up of Creative Map competition before, i went to Pavilion nearby to made some air and out from the crowded inside the hall.How can i sit between peoples all the particular time talking about Science,Research,Project,Current,GIS,Remote Sensing,and bla bla bla for another 4 hour before heading for Lunch Party at noon.That not me at all.I don't know why, but i just can't sit there and breath like usual.

One of the Researcher there has a conversation with me during tea break about the planning for GIS development and issue in Uitm and your (actually me) expectation of that..My answer is simple as "I don't really tolerate with the multifunction of GIS software currently because when i said that,my lecture also don't have capabilities for having an experiences to throughout on that..So honestly i just failed on that software.So i realized that without the software,GIS is nothing!!.Here ASRI gave me a couple of book about Atlas and GIS underwater and invite me to their International Symposium next month with free.!!

During my quick tour at that moment with my fellow friends went to Pavilion and Starhill beside, i just felt, orite this is my place, i just don't know,it relief when i saw a marvelous cloths hanging inside the glass window and i just smile and said, ok that it..I want it more that GIS.hahaha..My friend also keep saying that they never been Starhill before and really curios what inside,Oh dear,, you guys just innocent persons that need to explore every inch of Bukit Bintang. So i bring they in and they just said Woww impressive..hhaha...

After quick tour at Pavilion, we reached back to the hotel and wait for Lunch Party, then i just want to go back Shah Alam.It just something like a nightmare for every minute there.My Supervisor also same like me.Tired of heard paper presentation and so on..what the heck in my mine..That my courses and i really don't really into it..Whatever

So you choose,what do you really want.....You choose first,then i will choose after you..hahahah..Neither Undersea with GIS or Harper Bazaar

all by myself

I left you with this beautiful song sang by Charice that i adore her voice so much.It original version by Celine Dion that i reallf a big fan of....All by myself..It all about myself too that i've done all alone.Never to compete with anyone else...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

it for you

I know this relationship no longer as per 8 years ago.Time after time, past with true and hard feeling. It not enough for me to cheer up the reasons why you has choose me over the others.Everything going fast...When i looked into your eye, i knew that your hand, will no longer on my hand..Your eye will turn at your back..

You once said to me, pray for happiness.The reason why i choose you, is the reason i'm with you now.I looked at you once i knew that you the only one..I've never know about love, i never know about true feeling, and i don't even know about sacrificed. I never thought to know you, and i never dream to have you in my life because i knew between us, nothing will happen, nothing to be proud..

You once said to me again, pray for happiness, everything can be change, everything that you hoping will be coming to you.You gave a trust, faith and hopefulness...Until i believed, that my life was completed when you in. 

It been hard to say how thankful i am.How great unforgettable memories with you. It totally absurd to erase. The memory is everywhere, even until a thousand sky. There no word to describe the love. I just wanna said that i just love you until the end of my life.Just for you i said the sacred three words. Never let me go, never let me escape from your arm....

The memories still in is hard to explain, it is hard to portray. I kept save in my heart. It not for sale as well. A do believe with hope, because i know that i borrow you just a moment..I hold your arm for a moment. It will no longer available when time come around.

I do believe with pray for happiness. Yes i really do. Until i wrote this for you..The happiness is just gone. I keep searching for it time after time as a reason to be with you, to hold your arm again..Looking for you a thousand miles to pull you back and kneeling in front of you. You crosses the street and waiting for me walking to you while smiling.

You let me think to say, please i need to go.You no longer exist in my life, then i hold your back and begging.   
It been 8 years to saw our love inside our eyed...It shinning, and shinning but then it turned dark...and more dark..

I do believe with pray for happiness.It countless,.....

For u, thank for every single moment..When you crosses the street and hope that i will catch you, no i've no longer be there to look at you....


Thursday, September 27, 2012


New Seed shirt that i recently bought for someone.I quote you before from Michael Kors.So i try to give gifts to someone that really close with me.We don't need to expecting something from people,what we need is to give them reward.Yes reward as i do just right now.We don't realize that with gift,i mean a simple gift like t shirt that may costed you around RM20 is not a big deal will actually gave the big impact to the peoples.So i take a change to give something to my friend because he always be nice to me no matter what and always spared time with there it is.. 

turquoise color is really my feveret...  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

royal couple KLCC through my lenses

Ok...i i dah lama bersawang...tinggal tunggu blogger bagi warning je kan...Not because i don't want to update, i have a lot to shares but when i start to create a post,then i just realized how lazy i am during that period..but this one,i really want to tell everybody..even the whole planet that!!!...Considering this is not my wishlists, i just called it mission unexpected accomplish...I'm just the lucky guy in this world that have a really unforgettable moment and even experience to see Royal couple Prince William and her lovely duchess of cambridge Kate Middleton!!! and the most memorable part when i have a shakehand with both of them.i'm the lucky person in this world..Ok enough said...

I'm with my boyfriend..i mean boy friend lah kan..kawan lelaki...bukan that type of couple..ok whatever..wake up early morning to catch the train...then finally we were arrived about 10am..In my mind,i just set just to look around to see the real princess that people always talked as fashion mogul,one of the Diana's replaced...I wanna see with my big eye..yes of course she's my favourite princess and i love how she's dress and everything that she wore just stunning...

Damn crowded with people

During that moment,i was stand at the corner of the first spot place the Kate limo might be stop..The peoples totally insane with the cheers screaming with flags and i just standing there with my camera like waiting for toilet queue..hahahah...not funny.Actually i saw like a golf car without window wait at the corner and they might be in that car and not walking as per usually the stars do..Yes it is..When they arrived,people just screaming with their name specially Kate!!

See how closed kate with me..this lenses without having any zoom

First though when a couple across me,i just wave my tiny hand..hahaha...and i can't see them clearly because people start becoming crazy and keep push people in front..So in my mind i finally said,.."tak bleh jadi ni..alang2 dah sampai,takkan nak usha je,kurang2 dapat salam dgn Kate"...Ok then

 Just ignore the police man ok.enjoy the lady

Also please ignored the women in blue..she just pretend to be sweet as Kate..huhu

After the not splendid moment at first spot corner, i ran over the park and finally stopped at one center port that not really crowded..Fuhhh lega ok...Then Kate out from car and start walking around the park..i said,ok then it my moment...Kate and William walked in front of me and boommmm...william hand finally sticked in my hand...And the best moment he said "thank god,..."and keep smile..OMG...i'm totally sweating!!!

William also cheap with smile..look at him

After a moment,Kate walked in front of me and about 10 inchi closed with my face guys!!!it totally crazy...i just said,Kate,u such a lovely..i love you..Even her perfume i can smell it clearly and it Burberry guys.!!!haha

Then i stretch out my hand to her and she finally hand my hand about just out of my mine and she kept said hiii to people and smile..OMG...

i just love you Kate...Please welcome back to Malaysia

What can i say,they just humble couple that cannot stop from smile and it is true,Diana is inside Kate..The aura of late Diana, we can saw in Kate smile..She just perfect,stunning and magnificent..The dress she wore during that period is from Beulah and the pump from LK bennet.I hope someday i can design dress for her and i hope she can wearing it..ohh harapan...So enjoy the pic that i snap through my lenses!!!!not copycat from any other website...walla...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

please your attention

No word to describe a smile behind the simulated faces. I was confused with the manipulation of the drama before and it happened again with more second season. I know sometime we need to accept the acting of our friend surround.To manage the situation, an easy way for me to face to face if we know close to each other. But sometime when it hurt again after hurt , i just felt i will follow your acting as per good actor as your.Believe me, i'm more than a great actor than you darling..

Yes... i never pretend to have friend to anyone.If my friend say that he don't really comfortable with some of my other friend, it not my problem at all because i'll never or will never break the relation just to satisfied you.With your acting like that which gonna make all the consequences belong to me.I loss the relationship, and i also loss my dignity.So to avoid from me also to be one of the victim of circumstances, i play my role such you play yours. The way is only 

talk to my hand!!!!

Kiss my butt!!!!

regard : fizo anwar

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

drama boy

oh boy clearly it is not the way that i've begin my practical here..I felt absolutely tired, my arm seem like to be torn off, super duper exhausted, jetlag all over around and to make a relieve with a short period, which is need me to sleep a couple more hour.

My best friend of mine wishing me to begging at my guy...really can i say he's the guy..hahah...pardon me.haha..he just my friend around and glad that he would be here at college as he know that i will arrive shortly in morning...sign cause the check it late 12 noon.So he prepared the key and let me choose my house in first order.So i choose the lower one which is easier and closed to the stairs.

After having a little bit shopping normally at TESCO and MYDIN as per budget destinations for student..hehe..It kinda eyesore to not to buy anything that related to the list item.So it ended with a big carpet since our room cover by cement floored, a plastic of junk food,**ok that true...and so on.

Hence the other student which is actually leave from Shah alam by bus normally will arrive 12 noon.So when they arrive, it some kind of murky for check in process, boys only is about more that  200 and need to span  3 floors. So for me i'm just felt relieved because i already in room.But......

Almost our junior being so spoiled..Hey boy, please don't make any problem with me and friend.My house empty about 7 persons which is consider for who does't have any room yet.So it turned when some of the junior have a talk to me and friend to move to the upper house because they want to come in with complete geng for a house.They don't want to separate at all.So i call my guy for clarification.He said to me if i'm done set the room, it ok to still be there, don't move, but some of his friend have a talk with me for moving cause it more easier to manage if we are separate of part.

After a quick annoying talk with junior that they need to be together so that they really can go to the site and waiting bus together...oh boy you kidding,so junior my friend quote "only junior will going for walk and eat together"..haha

So i just want to tolerate with them and consider to move.Ok i just yielded with younger brother so that i can avoid my tone up.Without anything else to say, we packed all of our stuff and move.Before that, i already duplicate a key, and it turn to throw away over the window.Who care.

Some of junior give gracious to help us carried our stuff.Ok it just drama and acting after all..don't you ever touch my stuff.let me handle it myself..I don't care at all..we live here without any drama, but we were spoiled by junior with huge of drama.Thank buddy..

So the reason i type this tread that i want to announce how much i hate spoiled junior...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

im back been a while i'm not updating my blog..currently it is not always in the good mood with the hectic season...walla...examination week around the corner...It past two week i've been at home to do the everybody would love to..yes eat and sleep.Literally, a lot of story i want to share, but it just to scary to search to start??fashion?life?dine?hotel? tell me..

So now i'm having a little nightmare maybe or not during my practical season..During fasting period,it just make me a little bit paranoid. I'm not kinda person who might say, i don't care to work under hot sunny day..but with me,i really care at all.To avoid of any consequences, i'll has prepared a little bit stuff so that i can manage my skin in a good quality..gituh..**material sangat...

In order to approaching fasting season a couple more day now, clearly i'm really thrilled because it seem like i'm having a roaming again...really?? always been excited to back home celebrate hari raya if i'm a little bit far away from family.So there a chance for me to prepare, to feel the mood, to pack the bag, wait for buses and more..

Despite it just Melaka only, for me it still consider far enough..hahah...who care right...So the mood is coming...i will update as much as from me...fizo anwar...   

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

masjid india vacation..cavation??

lets semua beratur rapat-rapat...ayoo matilahh i lama tak story pada uols gateway2 kan..alkesahnye i pun tak berjalan mana2 lah...tak sempat..sibuk sangat semester ni...sesibuk rosmah mansor,sibuk lagi i!!!...ok sebelum mengundang makian peminat..

ada lah seminggu yang lepas di waktu senggang menyenggang,i dengan F decide la to go somewhere for another trip...ceyy cam byk trip je kau eh..Ok dulu i stroy pasal impiana la,etc etc hotel..and now we gamble sikit keh..kita ke tempat yang a little bit crowded!!!...cer ceta cer teka..ok..salah!!..masjid india uols...

I tak lah too excited pong...bukan ada apa situ..ajak mak2 datang shopink telekung blehlah...Ok kali ni we decide to stay at starpoint KL..Not too high class hotel..affordable lah jugek...i mean not to expensive and not to just small and the most problem is about valet too messy and tiny little parking..and i rasa it maybe last time i wanna be there...

Ok before we were arrived,so masa dekat depan sogo,there a lot of teenage gurl??gurl eh buat demonstrasi pasal suspended PTPTN..what can i say...i pun amik PTPTN jugak untuk teruskan kelangsungan hidup aii...all i can say are stupid!!!.anything in this world not free la derrr...but you decide kan..nak ambil ke tak PTPTN tu..bukan ada orang suruh orang larang nak melalak buat ape...buang masa..nape kau melalak depan sogo..sogo je mampo??..nape tak g melalak depan pavilion...baru high class!!!

ok i mencarut pun tak guna...cik roslan tak mo dgr pun..dia better bercengkerama dengan kak senah..sapa lah i...there some pics i sempat snap dalam bilik..sebelum katil yang cantik bersih tu bertukar menjadi sarang vampire..

eh apesal gambar tak cantik??ok salahkan blogger punya dashboard yang baru ni k..pening kepala i..dah la upload gamrbar tak lawa...xpe..uols tak kesah pun bukan cantik..matilla...exceli dorang ada provide buah-buahan..pisang,oren etc etc...tak sempat nak snap..kawan i dah menggigit dulu..bilik yang kitaorg duduk tu deluxe room..korang nak murah sikit amik yang standard superior..ok maybe last time lah i stay more masjid india area..messy uols!!!

tahun depan kawan i ajak ke bali...!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

life unexpexted

Sometime life is just unexpected..It been a long time ive never see K...and i hope not to see K quite difficult to forgot what K was doing to me back almost 10 years ago..I rase,it just too much for me to see K surround without any feeling...It too much..But cerita lama kadang2 let it be secret.But honestly i can't..K is my feeling,K is my heart,K is my hope(i mean 10 years ago)...and until now,neither i have someone that love me so well,the truth is, love sometime we cannot deny it..How far we avoiding it,i will closer and closer,How we wonder and not to remember about that,it come close and close...But honestly,i can't admit that...I love K so much,i miss all the way K represent.I miss K's smell..I miss everything about K..even my heart sound like how i hate K..

I dan K broke up after K finished high school..No letter,nothing about K i has heard.Mungkin it just my feeling.I yang terasa syok sendiri..I letakkan dia di tempat yang paling istimewa..Ok itu cerita 10 tahun yang lepas..I almost forgot about it..Tetapi recently back to my hometown..singgah satu r&r dekat something place near sungai gantang??..sorry lupa..i tergesa2 menuju lah ke surau nak solat zohor cause it almost 4 at that i just staring at one face that i really know better...Ok K smile at me,and i that you K?...

I cakap pada dia yang i perlu solat dahulu and i let K waiting outside.So that we can talk after that...After last moment that K had visit me at alor star,ive never espected to c K again..i anggap,there nothing between us anymore...because i don't wanna be cheating with F.. eventhough i knew that F always cheating and lying to me..

After pray,K waiting outside and i just smile without any conversation..i x tahu nak cakap apa..pandang dia je pun i tak can i see K here..what K doing here?...

K is not like the one that i know before...itu lah yang i cakap,life is just unexpected..K lengkap beruniform PLUS highway dan dia berniaga buah dekat salah satu kiosk kat situ with partner.dengan berpakaian selekeh..orite..that too much for me...!!

dia tak sepatutnye begitu...takkan itu pengakhiran hidup dia..takkan itu penyudah timeline hidup masih muda...a lot of thing that K need to discover..Not just being there and selling fruit..No actually there nothing with that occupation..but at least,camne nak cakap ye...dia sepatutnye enjoy dia punya hidup as much...bukan dengan to early dah berkahwin and ada anak,and live almost everyday at r&r tersebut..

I just tak tahu nak cakap apa..terkelu sangat..bukan i nak blame jual buah tu such a waste,no...but life dia tak sepatutnye begitu...being in relationship and hanya menunggu waktu tua menghampiri..OMG.dia ada rupa,masih muda dan dia ada something yang boleh buat orang tergila-gilakan dia...why must ended with jual buah dekat r&r...ok mungkin kita tak jangka itulah nasib hidup kita akhirnya...

Dear K,
Please listen to me..I wonder how u made a mistake...don't pretend that you are happy with your life you are not...i mean it..i know you more that you partner know you...i know how you suffer with your situation...u just still young,there a lot of challenging outside that need you to take part..macam2 lagi kehidupan di luar sana yang menanti..tapi you dah pilih jalan yang macam there nothing you can dah terikat dengan hubungan yang kekal dah halal...i cuma mampu doakan yang you akan baik2 sahaja walaupun you deserve more that that..

No,for me i dah rancang hidup i dengan baik dan i berharap moga,jalan hidup yang i pilih itu akan menjamin masa depan i dan memberi kepuasan kepada i.i dah susun timeline hidup i,dan i harap timeline itu tidak berubah..

There a lot to discover,mungkin ada orang cakap,we can discover with our wife or husband after for me kepuasan hidup itu,when kita dah capai after kita puas dengan apa yang kita lakukan without terikat dengan someone else...

kadang2 i just kesian with some of my friend yang dah bukan salah nak kawin tu..tapi takkan la pada usia yang sangat muda..maybe nafsu yang sukar dikawal ke ape ke i don't know lah..but selagi u got a change to enjoy why not...believe me,u can't have that moment when you are married.

Being single,i mean for a moment,it just nice,on that time,u can do anything..(selagi tak melampaui batas)..i tak berapa suka dengan lelaki yang kawin seawal just waste..believe me,you will be regret after that,maybe u takkan tunjuk,but i know that you feel it..i know that you really want to hang out with your close friend anytime anywhere...Some of my friend,not to close lah,kawin seawal then mungkin a first year of married,tak terasa,but after that barulah dia kenal yang sesetengah perkara membataskan dia...tambah2 lagi bila ada anak sorang you can manage it...setiap hari i dengar dia mengeluh,pasal family,pasal duit,pasal kerja...yup you deserve to mengeluh2 apa semua tu..dah sapa suruh pilih jalan yang macam tu...people like that sometime such a waste nak nasihat pun...dia akan blame kita balik,dah jodoh,nak buat camne...

Yup kalau cakap dah jodoh,so jadi janganlah mengeluh..jodoh tu cuma subjective..yang mencorakkannye tu engkau..think smart..kalau you fikir at your age at 22,think about your future,think about you education,think about your financial,think about your responsibility,think about your material,property...believe me yang you takkan terasa nak kawin on that time..!!


Friday, March 16, 2012

it done

sometime we need to let something go... we can't keep something forever same as wife can't keep their husband forever cause of a husband belong to his mother forever..despite,let something go,so that the other thing can fill our heart at one moment.To let go,is just really an easy word.It is painful around,it is illness,it sometime become worst and worst.

So how bad it is,how pain do you feel,you need to try it.lepaskan someone yang you can't love anymore...andai dia kembali kepadamu,maka dia adalah milikmu...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

kak senah kembali bersiaran

Mrasa konsep pembukaan tirai kita pada malam ni berkonsepkan MARI BERMEKAP MAMPAN!!..bleh cenggituh??konsep sangat kan...ayo..matilahh i...terpaksa angkat tema on call pulak tengah2 malam buta cengginih...kau mampoo nak jemput kak senah datang selesaikan masalah kau tetengah malam ginih???..MAMPOO??..kau agak2 dia tak feeling kekwat??...4kali ganda hokeh i bayar!!!

that what we call the power of women!!

matilah dia diva lebih dari i yang dah masuk senarai forbes the most powerful women.i tak mampo nak cakap apa andai kak senah hadirr berbekalkan wajah eastern brazilian...kau berani lawan..i dah cakap,i tak mampo...!!**nanges!!

Hey senah...!!!

"Hello girl,how adorable are you..cantik sangat kau senah...motif kau bawak watak gisele tetengah malam cengginih...kau nak lawan i kan senah..."

**let kita hug dulu kak oprah..kekdahnye i baru balik dari photoshop pakaian dalam dekat hawaii...i quite busy nowday,kau patut sujud syukur kat i sebab i jawab call u cik oprah...sedangkan kakjah call i ajak mengumpat  pun i tak angkat..mrasa jah makan hati!!

awat yang hang tak angkat..sian jah...dia dah la baru mati laki..!!!

 i tak melayan soalan TAK PERLU!!!

i just have only five minutes on here,so lets straight to the point,jangan bazir masa i..please!!

aiyooo hang kekwat dengan i na jah...OK tanpa i buang masa lagi...

Persoalan kita pada kali ini,i hanya nak merungkai permasalah yang timbul dikalangan adek-adek desperate seperti pemanggil kita pada kali ini yang mana mengalami dilemma apabila usaha mereka tidak langsung diiktiraf mahupun dipandang sebelah mata...**ayooo

 **matilaaa gila!!

sedangkan dialah yang berusaha keras berbanding kawan-kawan mereka yang hanya pose2 lulur sajork..tetapi harus dapat nama...

Perlu ke i buat kerja segala???
Aiyohhh mrasa soalan masuk dalam kategori TAK PERLU!!


tapi takpa,kak senah cuba untuk menjawab,kak senah nak mengajak kita semua supaya back to the basic..bagaimana hubungan kita dengan kedua ibu bapa kita..berapa banyak efford yang kita dah salurkan kepada mereka atas usaha mereka membesarkan kita...apa yang kita berikan kepada mereka..adakah kita melayan mereka dengan baik dan adakah kita pernah mengabaikan tanggungjawab kita sebagai seorang anak.Terkadang kita tidak sedar yang kita suatu masa pernah mengguris hati mereka dan terkadang juga kita tidak sedar yang mereka sangat gembira dengan kejayaan yang kita perolehi...**nanges!!

jadi sekarang cuba letakkan peranan adik2 ke atas peranan kedua ibu bapa adik2.bukan peranan mak ayam lah bodo.mengertih???

Ibubapa tidak pernah putus usaha untuk membesarkan kita dengan baik serta menyediakan keperluan kita dengan sempurna tanpa ada cacat cela..dengan bersungguh-sungguh serta tidak putus doa mereka mengharapkan yang terbaik untuk kita...Mereka sanggup bekerja keras demi menyuap kita dengan rezeki yang halal...sedari kecil kita diasuh dan dididik dengan cukup baik dan sempurna tanpa mereka putus asa untuk berusaha...

 dengar ke tak saleha??

Back to the realiti...apa yang kita berikan kepada mereka tanda kita menghargai mereka??...adakah dengan keluar bersosial hingga larut malam**mrasa pakai wig,sanggul sendiri!!

adakah dengan menelefon mereka sekadar meminta duit sedangkan sakit sihat mereka tidak pernah kita bertanya...??

 lantas pose2 nak baling selipar..

jadi sama seperti masalah adek ditalian,letakkan peranan adik di atas peranan ibu bapa adik...yang mana berusaha keras membesarkan adik tanpa mengharapkan sebarang penghargaan dari adik...jika adik mampu memberi kebahagian serta appreciate mereka,mereka akan berbangga,namun jika adik tidak mampu untuk appreciate mereka dengan seadanya,adakah mereka akan menunjukkan muka kesedihan yang amat sangat??..apa yang mereka mampu buat..hanya terseyum...ya itu yang patu adik buat...yee senyum and say peace!!!!

Like i am do right now...clearly it look so naive

mainkan watak dan peranan yang sesuai dengan masa dan keadaan...ambil kak senah sebagai contoh...sentiasa pelbagaikan watak...hari ini kak senah mampo bawak watak gisele bundchen...kau ingat esok2 kak senah tak mampo nak bawak oprah??..matilahh kembar...ampooonn

 Hey roslan..dengar sinih!!!

serupa jua kita...hidup kita ini berkarma!!!!

hari ini kita terasa mampo menarik key diana ross

 Hey apa julang nama i..i evergreen okies!!

kau ingat esok2 kau tak tertarik key syura???


ingat lah adik,hanya kita yang kenal akan siapa diri kita...kita yang mampu meletak level serta bayaran untuk diri sendiri.seperti kak senah!!..kerna hanya kita yang mampu menilai sejauh mana kita berusaha...orang lain hanya mampo mengadili...namun penilaian mereka terkadang tidak selalu tepat!!!like loreal always said

because u know u worth it!**libas rambut

tunggu apa lagi uols...PPC lah....!!!

ppc=pose pose chanteq


Monday, March 5, 2012

speech with kak senah

Kak senah mana ni hah??mana??...**motif tetiba bukak layar dengan menyahut nama kak senah...i bukan apa..i busy membusykan diri i dikala ini so i mintak kak senah ganti i meloqlaq dalam blog i yang maha sedeyy dua bulan sekali hupdate katanya...Banyak nak duk story kat uolss2 semua blogger sememeh kat luar sana..matilahh maki peminat..I bukan apa...lagi2 cikmun tu duk la merayu pada i ,tak bleh tidoq malam katanya sebab lama tak dengar cik oprah meracau2....**i sedey..sebab ada pengikut setia macam kau kak mun...thank dear..let hug!!
me with mr president...**kan i dah cakap..i busy

Nah i serah tahta i kepada kak senah agar dia mampo meroyan sehebat i meroyan...shabas beete..

Mrasa kak senah kali ni Hadir dengan berbekalkan wajah pan asia..**katanya..walhal kulit sebenar kau...??senja kan senah..matila dah turunkan tahta pon..sempat mengata lagi...

kak senah husband,me n senah...

"Thank dear Oprah that i really admiring all of my deep heart..Thank one again because,from this opportunities i would share the moment with you audience and it is a grateful and i will serving you with my respect and dignity..yes i will..."

I tarik Senah ke belakang stage sekejap...opss

Kak Nah,i bukan nak sound uols,but please.audience i dikalangan makcik2 yang tak tahu berbahasa inggeris,so please be consider gunakan bahasa melayu 100% dalam speech uols keyyy...**kekwat maki peminat

Sedangkan i lagi pakai kan pulak jaclyn victor...

Sory,Kak senah mintak hampon pada semua,kak senah terkadang over react sebab this is my first time kak senah dijemput oleh kak oprah dalam temu bual bicara beliau...

So Lets rapat-rapat semuah,jangan biarkan speech kak senah pada kali ini di selang seli dengan gurau senda dan gelak tawa yang membuang masa...kak senah seriuss!!!

Ok kak senah....tajuk kita pada sidang kali ni....i nak tanya kak senah macam mana kita nak menangani masalah jika kita terkantoi dengan mak bapak atau sedara mara kita sedang kita di depan mereka,kitalah yang maha sopan,berpurdah segala walhal dibelakang mereka,kitalah ratu segala syaitonnirojinnnnn...Lets

kenapa soalan cam haremm!!!

Pada pendapat kak senah...andai kita secara tidak sengaja terkantoi terletak barang-barang terlarang di dalam beg sandang kita contohnya seperti,cd blue,gambar porno,,**astagfirullah...dan sewaktu dengannya walhal bapak kita tak tahu menahu yang kita sebegitu rupa sebelum ini,terus kita disergah dan ditengking!!!

"Ni siapa punya??ha??CD apa ni??..dah nak jadi anak syaitonnn???"..terus kita tergamam kan

kalau kak senah ditempat tersebut...lets kita tinjau apa watak yang kak senah akan bawak...


Tapi hati kak senah ni bukanlah sekejam itu.tersentuh bila kak senah melihat beliau sengsara seperti itu...

Cara pertama : SAD CARD
Ilmu dari cucu puteri gunung ledang ni harus dipraktikkan betul2 supaya ia dapat di gunakkan untuk masa hadapan sama ada berhadapan dengan bos anda ataupun nenek anda...Penggunaan ekspresi muka yang meruntuh dan simpati yang menebal...Ekspresi2 seperti itu bukan sahaja mampu meluluhkan hati sesiapa yang memandang bahkan ianya salah satu konsep meraih simpati yang amat berkesan..Watak wan maimunah dalam drama kerana cintanya saerah harus diambil contoh dikalangan sesiapa yang terkantoi sama ada
 boboy atau gugurl.

Selain itu juga, penggunaan ayat-ayat yang mampu menyentuh kalbu, harusler diaplikasikan. Apakah contoh ayat-ayat yang bole digunakan?

" Maafkan Lan abah!!! Lan tahu Lan bersalahhhh.....Ampunkan Lan bahhhhhhhh!!! Lan hinaaaaaaa.....Lan kejiiiiiiiiii....Lan jijikkkkkkk....Pukulah Lan bah...Pukullah Lan.........*"motip guna nama lan,padahal nama rogayah..matilaaa

Ekpresi wajah kak jah sebelom surgery...

 sambil mengoyak-ngoyakkan baju untuk menimbulan kesan yang lebih mendalam. Berhati-hati agar lovebite  tidak kelihatan....kang harus terjadi sumbang mahram..opsss!"

Cara ini dapat dipraktikkan dengan berkesan jika si anak tadi amat rapat pertaliannya dengan mak atau bapaknya...
Harusler kita perlu mendapatkan perlindungan dari mak kita *bukan mak ayamler bodoooooooooo...ops....
Di sini, kita harus mendapatkan simpati yang sepenuhnya dari ibu kita. Manipulasikan segala elemen-elemen yang bole memihak kepada kita. Antara taktik-taktik yang bole kita gunakan ialah mencium kaki ibu....memeluk kaki ibu.....meraung-raung meminta simpati...dll lagi....Merasaler ko pose-pose syahdu . Gerenti ibu kita akan menjadi superwoman dan membela kita.....


walaupun kita dicurah dengan cuka getah sekali pun..

Ugut nak kuar nak lari dari rumah. Harusler kita akan buat-buat nak kemas barang bagai.....packing-packing dalam beg. Sambil itu, jangan lupa , air mata itu harus  mengalir  sepanjang masa....biar kesan dramatik lagi effektif akan muncul. Kalo bole, biar mengalir darah dari mata tu. Baru klimaks....


kalau ketiga-tiga cara tersebut tidak berkesan,,mrasalah anda semua dibuang daerah seraya dicampak ke negara cambodia menjadi hampa seks disana...opsss ampunkan kak senah uolsssss

see..i dah agak,gambar i tetap menjadi mangsa!!!

mrasa i dan kak senah lari dulu pasal kak jah dah minyak...dua entry berturut2 i guna gambar jah sebagai gambar hiasan...matilaaaaa

p/s..tidak kena mengena dengan parent sapa2...sebab entry pun tak berapa nak berguna...hasil notasi kak mah..setelah di sumarizekan..haha..sory na