Thursday, November 8, 2012


Do you guys realized that sometime, the small issue like, we care for someone, i don't focusing on male or female, it maybe one of them if you feel so, we care for him, we help him as much as we can, we available when he need us, i mean between both of peoples without having any serious relationship.It is not like we like him, otherwise we just care for him over than any of our friend.So it also like, we care for him,then he really not really into us..No, he actually threaten us somehow we done it.

But to be issue for me, in this particular situation, i mean not really serious situation,let say he make a something review, and not mentioned you but he does't missed to mention all of his friend that related to the review..Something like this..

"Today is my really big day,There something that i would like to wish as my compulsory to all of you...***,**,**,***,**"...(he named all of his friends and your name isn't on the list...)

Yeah maybe you think that, you name isn't on the list is quite ok, but for me after i read all those thing, my adrenalin suddenly up until the top.i felt that, who i am beside him...why he not mentioning me.Why..why and why..we keep questioning for the answer...But then after that, we will avoid him for one or two day without tolerate.Offline the chatting bar, keep blinding with his post and so took a moment to healing from something reason that we already not sure..because we think that we actually mad at him, but careful gurl, it maybe mean something...i don't know it..But when you felt in that particular way, you need to accept of all of the consequences.