Thursday, July 19, 2012

please your attention

No word to describe a smile behind the simulated faces. I was confused with the manipulation of the drama before and it happened again with more second season. I know sometime we need to accept the acting of our friend surround.To manage the situation, an easy way for me to face to face if we know close to each other. But sometime when it hurt again after hurt , i just felt i will follow your acting as per good actor as your.Believe me, i'm more than a great actor than you darling..

Yes... i never pretend to have friend to anyone.If my friend say that he don't really comfortable with some of my other friend, it not my problem at all because i'll never or will never break the relation just to satisfied you.With your acting like that which gonna make all the consequences belong to me.I loss the relationship, and i also loss my dignity.So to avoid from me also to be one of the victim of circumstances, i play my role such you play yours. The way is only 

talk to my hand!!!!

Kiss my butt!!!!

regard : fizo anwar

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

drama boy

oh boy clearly it is not the way that i've begin my practical here..I felt absolutely tired, my arm seem like to be torn off, super duper exhausted, jetlag all over around and to make a relieve with a short period, which is need me to sleep a couple more hour.

My best friend of mine wishing me to begging at my guy...really can i say he's the guy..hahah...pardon me.haha..he just my friend around and glad that he would be here at college as he know that i will arrive shortly in morning...sign cause the check it late 12 noon.So he prepared the key and let me choose my house in first order.So i choose the lower one which is easier and closed to the stairs.

After having a little bit shopping normally at TESCO and MYDIN as per budget destinations for student..hehe..It kinda eyesore to not to buy anything that related to the list item.So it ended with a big carpet since our room cover by cement floored, a plastic of junk food,**ok that true...and so on.

Hence the other student which is actually leave from Shah alam by bus normally will arrive 12 noon.So when they arrive, it some kind of murky for check in process, boys only is about more that  200 and need to span  3 floors. So for me i'm just felt relieved because i already in room.But......

Almost our junior being so spoiled..Hey boy, please don't make any problem with me and friend.My house empty about 7 persons which is consider for who does't have any room yet.So it turned when some of the junior have a talk to me and friend to move to the upper house because they want to come in with complete geng for a house.They don't want to separate at all.So i call my guy for clarification.He said to me if i'm done set the room, it ok to still be there, don't move, but some of his friend have a talk with me for moving cause it more easier to manage if we are separate of part.

After a quick annoying talk with junior that they need to be together so that they really can go to the site and waiting bus together...oh boy you kidding,so junior my friend quote "only junior will going for walk and eat together"..haha

So i just want to tolerate with them and consider to move.Ok i just yielded with younger brother so that i can avoid my tone up.Without anything else to say, we packed all of our stuff and move.Before that, i already duplicate a key, and it turn to throw away over the window.Who care.

Some of junior give gracious to help us carried our stuff.Ok it just drama and acting after all..don't you ever touch my stuff.let me handle it myself..I don't care at all..we live here without any drama, but we were spoiled by junior with huge of drama.Thank buddy..

So the reason i type this tread that i want to announce how much i hate spoiled junior...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

im back been a while i'm not updating my blog..currently it is not always in the good mood with the hectic season...walla...examination week around the corner...It past two week i've been at home to do the everybody would love to..yes eat and sleep.Literally, a lot of story i want to share, but it just to scary to search to start??fashion?life?dine?hotel? tell me..

So now i'm having a little nightmare maybe or not during my practical season..During fasting period,it just make me a little bit paranoid. I'm not kinda person who might say, i don't care to work under hot sunny day..but with me,i really care at all.To avoid of any consequences, i'll has prepared a little bit stuff so that i can manage my skin in a good quality..gituh..**material sangat...

In order to approaching fasting season a couple more day now, clearly i'm really thrilled because it seem like i'm having a roaming again...really?? always been excited to back home celebrate hari raya if i'm a little bit far away from family.So there a chance for me to prepare, to feel the mood, to pack the bag, wait for buses and more..

Despite it just Melaka only, for me it still consider far enough..hahah...who care right...So the mood is coming...i will update as much as from me...fizo anwar...