Friday, December 28, 2012

It really sweet when there is someone taking care of you..even jusy asked on how you feel..rather than you hoping for someone that you really into for almost a decade,but never ask neither you good or just a fake relationship when you pretend everything is just well,or else actually is not..

Saturday, December 1, 2012

wordless saturday start when i started to miss you..


when it come to little kids faces, no matter what kids around neither i know him or not, it turn sensitive in me.How much i love kid, i much i'm passion about their coquettish or never disappointing me at all. When you see at kids impression, the more you like to ask yourself , what exactly in his mine, what exactly he thinking...what matter he want to do.Kids mine really mysterious.

I'm back from lecturer hour and friend of mine stopped by 7E for a while. I'm not in and just kept waiting outside. Then, one guy with his little kid, same age with my buddy at hometown as i remember, step inside the store and maybe he don't realize that his little kid behind his ass and kept calling him , Abang Di..

Back to that guy, when he step inside, the automatic door was closed  immediately after he in and let that little kid stuck outside and he keep calling his uncle "Abang Di..Abang Di..."with kid's dialect..His Abang Di never realized he's outside and he can't in because the door seem impossible to open by his little hand. So he keep push the door until i come to him. I smile and open the door for him. He smile and smile without say anything. He ran over his uncle and Abang Di let he picked air kotak that he like most. He choose chocolate thing rather than juice.So kids!!!..haha

I'd just love that moment when i saw that kid, same old with my nephew, really smart enough, wearing watch but don't know the time, do the same hairstyle with their loved icon..His shoe absolutely in Ben10 theme. What else. I'm pity on them..what else they hope?..they don't have the energy like mature people have. They don't have money to live, they don't have anything. But they just have parents to depend on us. That why everytime i'm back to my hometown, i will check every of my nephews and play with them, ive got 5 so far. the youngest one only 1 years old and the older in standard 3 now. I looked into their eyes and feel, omigod, it seem hard to i'm lose with them. No matter what they want, i tried to figure it out. What toys they need, i give it..But please, don't kick them, don't do anything that related to violence.