Sunday, November 27, 2011

debate period

OK....i'm too tired and not enough sleep.Semuanya gara-gara debat Uitm yang very derr membunuh!!..Can u imagine to be at dewan sidang at 3 o'clock in morning..Berembun dah aku..and can't sleep middle of night,if i'm getting sleep,i wonder that i can't wake up early.Prepared myself to be sharp on time there because my sidang is about 6 a.m to begin.Ohhh god i don't know about myself coz i feel that..i hate when i need to present or something to speak in front of the audience.It kill my stomach.Once,i feel that 3 or 4 hours before sidang begin,i dah tak boleh nak body feeling very vibrate.if i ate someting before,i still feel that i'm really hungry but don't want to eat something sebab rasa macam nak muntah then start vibrate.My stomach become empty and heartbeat become so fast..dup..dup..dup...**dap dip dup

My sidang went very smoothed.Turn to my part as pembangkang ketiga..i've feel the adrenalin to speak well and focus,strong voice and so on..I did the best to be a speaker. even though tak ramai sidang dewan yang 4-5 pagi...who's wanna come and listen to that particular things.But i just enjoy the moment and kawal the emotional with the audience.My lecturer also there with my trainer.She's smile over and over again with the congratulation wished to us for having a great moment and meriuhkan dewan sidang..walla.. i just realized i'm capable to speak in front with full confidence level..One of the best team during early the morning...syabas

Then it will be continue the next sidang pada jam 12tghri.So i grab my stuff and went college to take some rest.Oh it hard to imagine.I just close my eyes for only one and half hour then prepared for the next sidang.Before i forgot,during the first sidang,maybe the early morning there a one or two lalat flying around my heat during my debate.Then i just speak like this "TYDP,banyak sungguh lalat dalam dewan kita ini,terjejas konsentrasi saya"..then everybody loud at me..ohh i too honest...walla...

During the second sidang,i felt that my adrenalin kept still maintain and i just waiting until my turn.Then my turn become well and the most part,there no izin laluan...and i just speak to them**i'm pihak kerajaan actually...."YB mana izin laluan..pengecutkah..penakutkah YB..andai begitu..sembunyi bawah meja sekarang" dare i speak like that..ohhh i'm really honest one again...celupar sangat mulut ini...haha..then sidang become hangat dengan everybody clapped at us.Once again i realized,we are not in the bahasa deparment or any kinda TESL person..We just di kalangan ordinary student,my team from the town planning and the rest from the account and etc.So we are not familiar with these even,debating or pidato and so on..But in this opportunity, it let us feel the environment how's the debate run.

Oh forgot..the girl that i like that i stories before is in my team...she speak well and really soft intonation.It let me feel syahdu..wahhh...I just keep let her confident and focus...enjoy the moment..and she keep saying "thanks fizull..."walla...but in my condition now i realized that i have to keep the best memory in my heat and start forgot about her..he's to perfect to over me..and i to shy to say that how i like her...Sometime we don't need to say to someone that we love,the feeling will appear automatically between each.But in my cased,i felt that i'm tried to be beside her,to make myself attractive and hope that she also realized how there someone tried to need the attention.But sadly she just looked at me as a friend as the at me the same how she smile with the other..give the attention to them as well as the same to me.So tak mengapalah...i'll save the memory of your face,how i like you so much with full of my heart...


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

oh boyyy

Oh god,where i need to start..I'm shy now..No actually sometime we become addict with something that we like such as,we love to watch that movie then we rewatched it again and over again,addicted with the casts, the plot and values of the stories,the sentimental and so on about those movie..So for me it is just the temporary addict.I mean,I listen to that song aver again then after a few week,i just realize that,i'm not into it anymore.Then i will looking for another stuff and change it.

But i'm shy now not because i do shy about material or what.But i just shy about that women in my class.I don't know how to explain.I like her style,i like what she wear,i like the hair,i mean like bangs hair and i also love her voice.Ok she free hair,but still sopan at my eye.I'm not the person that like to chasing the girl,that not really who i am.So bukan semua yang mampu menggetarkan hati i..wahhh..So these girl,i just love the sopan santun,ok maybe other guy tak suka dengan yang free hair,or suka?..ok i don't know.But for me,free hair and dyed hair is not important.Sometime,kita tengok pun,kita dah boleh tahu yang kita very like her.

Ohh i'm really shy with girl,actually the one yang i really like lah..bukan kawan-kawan gurl i,i mean yang i jumpa hari-hari...But this gurl i just jumpa one a week.So the feel itu lain.I always waiting she come and hope that she sitting next to me.Oh ok,maybe i'm not her type.I don't know her type.What she admire about guy look,maybe she like tuf guy,or handsome guy, or maybe the rich one?the alim one?..i don't know.But i just who really i am.If i'm not her type,and i hope she just feeling comfortable to be friend with me.

To be like"mengorat" i memang fail.I don't know how to mengorat.It looks like i'm very shy.I don't know where to start.I don't now if i'm start,what i suppose to say.Then what and what.If she really not into me and said,"kau ni kenapa..dah p main jauh-jauh.." i just worry if it gonna be happen.If it happen,i don't know how to pandang muka dia lagi..Oh god..meroyannya iii...

When i saw my other friend,really easy to have a gf.ayat sikit dah dapat.ayat sikit terus melekat.Tapi i??.nak ayat apa?belum ayat,terus dia lari dulu..Takkan nak tunggu orang ayat i...Ohhh pening kepala ini.I can't stop thinking about her.I do always hope that i melalui step norma kehidupan as other be a good men beside a girl,then to be a good husband beside a wife,then to be a good father beside a family.I pray a lot in my solat so that i can feel that feeling,and finally i feel it.But i just don't know how to start.Or maybe she already have a boyfriend,so what should i do.forget her?Or try to kacau daun?..or what..

Ohhh..i just curios about my capability..I juga ada tarikan.mungkin tidak menonjol likes the other guy.But i do have specialties...Only me can

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The love of siam

Ohh that really adored me.I'll keep meracau-racau meronta-ronta because of the movie.It's so sad i need to control not to be emo.The plot  is very well made.The casts,the promo,everything perfect.I love how they put the identity crisis among the teenager,and how they interpreted the feel,the emotional.

Ok i love The Love Of Siam so well and i keep watching it again and again without no doubt.It is lain dari yang lain.Well almost the indie film that i had watched before sama ada korean sad love story or English love film,i think this one is very cool and relax.I enjoyed so much.The story is about friendship,loneliness,how far your relation with you family,you mother,you father and the most highlight part totally from the main characters.Witwisit Hiranyawongkul as Mew,Mario Maurer as Tong

So who those yang tak berapa suka,i mean the plot of that film because it contained a characteristic of the love of friendship.I lebih prefer this kind of movie because my feeling can well straight and lain dari yang lain.Young boy,i mean the handsome one lah..hahah..


The part that really make me feel so sad  should be the last one.So sentimental and melancholic When mew finished his concert then Tong came to him and say...

Tong : I can't stay with you as your boyfriend but it doesn't mean that I don't love you

and mew just said,..

Mew :Good bye (with smile...yes he adorable)

and they break at that moment...then the last part when mew at his room..he put the doll noise that Tong gave to him (the doll noise actually the one is missing during they played mysterious treasure hunting when they kid)..and he keep looking at the doll and start crying.How lonely he is..That really menyentuh hati i...i pun rasa macam nak nangis sama...

Each of them need to make a right decision about their mutual understanding where not one should't be hurt.Mew lived alone since his grandmother passed.Mew did his decision to avoid Tong cause tong's mother convinces mew to end everything.

What got me so engrossed is the love story between these two teenage boys who are obviously NOT GAY. They're just two straight teenage guys who happen to fall in love with each other. They're not gay from the start and nor are they feminine enough to begin with. They are just two normal boys who, like some people out there, stumbles across forbidden love.

Tong 2007

Tong 2010

Tong 2011

Actually the film has been released on 2007,so that i really don't know about that since last year,but i'll keep hold and hold to download.

Mew 2007

 Mew 2011

The lyric of the song is awesome...I love how mew wrote based on his feeling to Tong.I'm not sure the title...but there the lyric...

The Love Of Siam
If i say that i wrote this song for you,
would you believe me.
It might not be as well written,
or beautiful like other songs

I want you to know that a love song,
can't be written if you're not in love,
but for you,i can write this song so easily.

You might have heard hundreds or thousands of love songs,
they might be meaningful,
but their meanings are for anyone,
when you listen to this song,
it is written only for you.

If you understand the meaning,
our hearts will be together forever,
Let it be the song on the way along
with only you and my voice,
that will be together for so long.

Just like a phase in one poetry,
as long as you love,you still have hope,
Every time i see your love shining in my heart,
i can see my destiny

There are so many truths in love,
In the past,i spend a lot of love,
looking for the meaning of it,
but i just knew that every time you are near.

I just knew that it life is a melody,
You are the lyrics to make it meaningful
and make life a beautiful music

Let it be the song on the way along
with only you and my voice
that will be together for so long

Just like a phase in one poetry
as long as you love,
you still have hope....

Maybe the lyric quite long,but if you listen to the music,it really enjoy..and the song is in Thai version.So i translated it to English.The lyric wrote by mew himself.So enjoy the moment!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011



I bukak sesi persempahan i kali ini dengan konsep tarian ballet..boley??I dengan cikhajjah kita sedang menari sakan.aiyooo i terus tercampak pasai ramai yang duk tak bagi peluang kat kawan baik i si cikhajjah bagi speech kat uols semua..Ok la.ramai duk bising awat i tak meroyan update blog.Nak pulak kak tipah dengan kak mun,duk lah menjengah seminggu sekali blog i dengan harapan i gila meroyan...i malas nak buang masa**masa i lagi berharga dari uols2 semua..matilaa...

Jah,i serahkan tahta i sekejap pada u

Ok nampaknya cikhajjah dah bersiap sedia belakang stage dah tu..**ala2 membuat kemunculan program ustazah pilihan sangat kan kau jah.

Are you ready Jah????peminat kau dah HADIRRRR ni

Sat na,i nak buat smoky eye 7 lapis!!kau ada?

.mentang-mentang i bagi peluang,guna blog i untuk speech u,terus u feeling kekwat dengan i..Ok la mrasaaa semua kemunculan cikhajjah kita yang hadirrr dengan heel pradanya...

Terus mic kena rampas..!!

Salam semua,thank semua kerana hadirrr melangut dekat blog yang tak perlu ni.Motif uols semua nak maki dia walhal siaplah uols??..**nanges

Ok lahh adik-adik,cikjah takmau dah duk beleter panjang,lets luruskan saff semua..rapat-rapat.Jangan biarkan syaiton nirojim ada diantara ruang lutut kita ye.

We love ustazah!!

Adik-adik semua,tajuk kita kali ni,kak jah nak merungkai kenapa ada manusia yang mana dekat dengan kita,selalu di sisi kita,**walaupun kita takmau duk sebelah dia pasal dia busuk..tapi tetap kita hormatkan dia sebagai kawan kita walhal kat belakang kita terus dia bertukar watak**matilaa wan maimunah!!

tudia lah yang dikatakan dengan sikap mementingkan diri sendiri adik-adik semua.Lets ustazah explain kenapa mereka bersikap begitu belakang kita walaupun kita baik dengan depa...**matilaa cikjah tukar watak ustazah pulak

Aiyoo uols semua,cuba uols cek semula dengan siapa uols berkawan skrg,siapa di sekeliling uols,siapa yang uols luahkan perasaan duka dang nestapa uols**tuan punya blog muntah hijau belakang stage..takpa uolss abaikan dia!!..

ustazah cuma mahu berpesan,ustazah tau kita semua kat sini dari kalangan yang baik-baik.Ustazah dapat nampak dari riak muka adik yang dikiri sekali tu..


Ustazah!!adik taste dengan ustazah.muka ustazah macam nasir bilal khan..!!

Motif kau carut ustazah noks...ustazah tak paham kenapa adik nampak ustazah macam lelaki walhal kawan-kawan geng ustazah pilihan cakap ustazah persis nasha aziz!!

Dengar ye semua!!

Mengikut kisah dan pengalaman ustazah,boleh lah kiranya ustazah berkongsi sedikit disini untuk semua adik-adik follower disini..Ustazah dulunya adalah kawan 2-3 orang yang mana merakalah wajah pertama yang ustazah nampak saat ustazah melangkah masuk.Walaupun mata ustazah melilau lilau cari jantan yang kendu..*opp.Selepas itu,ustazah pun berkawanlah dengan mereka tanpa ada was-was.Mula-mula mereka lah yang membantu ustazah sedikit sebanyak walaupun ustazah rasa ustazah lah yang banyak membantu mereka.Ustazah banyak mengalah dengan mereka kerana ustazah tau,kalau ustazah menonjol ke depan,semestinya mereka-mereka itu akan terpelanting kebelakang.

Ustazah tak kesah,kalau mereka berkawan dengan kita,siapa kita seadanya,tidak kira sekaya mana pun kita,secantik mana pun ustazah..**matillaa riak
Namun itu semua tak dapat dibeli dengan harga sebuat persahabatan uols.Namun yang ustazah terkilan sangat pasal bila ustazah sangat-sangat memerlukan pertolongan  mereka,mereka langsung buat endah tak endah dengan ustazah persis ustazah ini pembawa penyakit kelamin..hikss..Tak apa tak apa

**sat nak ustazah p tukar baju sat...

Ustazah hadir semula di pementasan adik-adik kesian...Kalau kawan-kawan ustazah yang tadi mrasa suka bertukar watak,ustazah juga mampooo!!

Ustazah memesan kepada semua,hidup kita bukan tentang diri kita sahaja!!kadang-kala siapa yang cepat,dia dihadapan,siapa yang lembab,mrasa duk belakang.

That why ustazah cakap,cukup-cukup lah tu dengan feeling-feeling kekwat dengan ustazah.kau tak kemana pun!!..Ustazah tak rugi apa-apa.

  Kita ni mintak tolong dia,sebab kita percaya dengan dia dan rasa dia boleh tolong kita.Tapi bila alasan dia menampakkan sangat yang dia memang sengaja tak nak tolong kita,tu yang buat kita menyampah!!Takpa laa..ustazah doakan semoga mereka berbahgia.Sebab boyfriend depa,boyfriend ustazah jua...matilaaaa konsep!!!

i cau dulu naaa

Cepat-capat i padam spotlight sebab ustazah dah gila meroyan!!

tuan-tuan puan-puan...lihatlah dunia!!!!