Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dior phenomenal

When i said that i'm not really into fashionable guy that mean i am more into designer guy.Yep that it unless you can tell me which designer are so fashionable nowdays.?Nope right...except for Lagerfeld with his status of one of the talented designer in the world.Perhaps, about other designer that i really adore so much with their masterpiece such as Miuccia prada,Giorgio Armani, Peter Dundas, Christopher Bailey, Frida Giannini, of maybe Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy and John Galliano for the house of Dior.It just a phenomenal to saw every piece of their gourmet.In other way with their own signature, circa 2007/08/09 was really out of mine that i can say compared to recently season.It not blowing at all.

With the left of Galliano and replaced by  Bill Gaytten then Raf Simons down from Jil Sanders to take part in the house of Dior.What already left for Dior that i knew really blow my mine from the pret the porter until couture design..Every inch of dresses is not Dior at all.For me Dior is Galliano.Never been replace.Not that i speak about Dior also YSL new creative designer Hedi slimane which is represent his new collection spring 2013 a month back YSL.I mean Saint Lauren Paris!!!!What else he want to change,Yves Saint Lauren is the most powerful luxury brand almost a decades.

Christian Dior by John Galliano

Christian Dior by Bill Gaytten

Christian Dior by Raf Simons

You tell me the different...

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Education interesting

After my International Symposium Geomatic 2012 held at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur that i has been invited to received an award as a 1st Runner Up of Creative Map competition before, i went to Pavilion nearby to made some air and out from the crowded inside the hall.How can i sit between peoples all the particular time talking about Science,Research,Project,Current,GIS,Remote Sensing,and bla bla bla for another 4 hour before heading for Lunch Party at noon.That not me at all.I don't know why, but i just can't sit there and breath like usual.

One of the Researcher there has a conversation with me during tea break about the planning for GIS development and issue in Uitm and your (actually me) expectation of that..My answer is simple as "I don't really tolerate with the multifunction of GIS software currently because when i said that,my lecture also don't have capabilities for having an experiences to throughout on that..So honestly i just failed on that software.So i realized that without the software,GIS is nothing!!.Here ASRI gave me a couple of book about Atlas and GIS underwater and invite me to their International Symposium next month with free.!!

During my quick tour at that moment with my fellow friends went to Pavilion and Starhill beside, i just felt, orite this is my place, i just don't know,it relief when i saw a marvelous cloths hanging inside the glass window and i just smile and said, ok that it..I want it more that GIS.hahaha..My friend also keep saying that they never been Starhill before and really curios what inside,Oh dear,, you guys just innocent persons that need to explore every inch of Bukit Bintang. So i bring they in and they just said Woww impressive..hhaha...

After quick tour at Pavilion, we reached back to the hotel and wait for Lunch Party, then i just want to go back Shah Alam.It just something like a nightmare for every minute there.My Supervisor also same like me.Tired of heard paper presentation and so on..what the heck in my mine..That my courses and i really don't really into it..Whatever

So you choose,what do you really want.....You choose first,then i will choose after you..hahahah..Neither Undersea with GIS or Harper Bazaar

all by myself

I left you with this beautiful song sang by Charice that i adore her voice so much.It original version by Celine Dion that i reallf a big fan of....All by myself..It all about myself too that i've done all alone.Never to compete with anyone else...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

it for you

I know this relationship no longer as per 8 years ago.Time after time, past with true and hard feeling. It not enough for me to cheer up the reasons why you has choose me over the others.Everything going fast...When i looked into your eye, i knew that your hand, will no longer on my hand..Your eye will turn at your back..

You once said to me, pray for happiness.The reason why i choose you, is the reason i'm with you now.I looked at you once i knew that you the only one..I've never know about love, i never know about true feeling, and i don't even know about sacrificed. I never thought to know you, and i never dream to have you in my life because i knew between us, nothing will happen, nothing to be proud..

You once said to me again, pray for happiness, everything can be change, everything that you hoping will be coming to you.You gave a trust, faith and hopefulness...Until i believed, that my life was completed when you in. 

It been hard to say how thankful i am.How great unforgettable memories with you. It totally absurd to erase. The memory is everywhere, even until a thousand sky. There no word to describe the love. I just wanna said that i just love you until the end of my life.Just for you i said the sacred three words. Never let me go, never let me escape from your arm....

The memories still in is hard to explain, it is hard to portray. I kept save in my heart. It not for sale as well. A do believe with hope, because i know that i borrow you just a moment..I hold your arm for a moment. It will no longer available when time come around.

I do believe with pray for happiness. Yes i really do. Until i wrote this for you..The happiness is just gone. I keep searching for it time after time as a reason to be with you, to hold your arm again..Looking for you a thousand miles to pull you back and kneeling in front of you. You crosses the street and waiting for me walking to you while smiling.

You let me think to say, please i need to go.You no longer exist in my life, then i hold your back and begging.   
It been 8 years to saw our love inside our eyed...It shinning, and shinning but then it turned dark...and more dark..

I do believe with pray for happiness.It countless,.....

For u, thank for every single moment..When you crosses the street and hope that i will catch you, no i've no longer be there to look at you....