Sunday, October 30, 2011

KLCC splendid

But before i mengarut yang bukan-bukan the bit information about Suria.(for those yang really over shopping lah..yang tak minat..toksah baca.p main jejauh).haha

.first there is new Balenciaga store.Finally come to the Malaysia market.There also a new relocation of Emperio Armani beside Hugo boss coming to open shortly and there also a new Chanel Perfume next to Isetan entrance on level 1 and last but not list there the new Isetan(i don't know what exactly it caring) next to miu miu store.So just check the Suria KLCC site map for more information.

So hebat tak 3 entry satu hari..haha...No la..yang ni cover untuk the next a week.Actually Suria KLCC quite crowded due to weekend.There a lot of people like to lepak there as makcik-makcik also like it.I don't know why.But it really not a good view there.And the teenager,i mean the youngest one lah..not mention me..hehe.did lepak and borak.Really buang masa and where their parent?..They do lepaking in front of PRADA store!!! how annoyed when i saw it.Mencacatkan pemandangan.I do respect if they are good looking but every single things,semunya ke come.

see..i tak tipu punya...count how much yang lepak in front prada store??

i'm just take a look at topshop inside to see any new arrival bag.But there nothing yang berkenan.So just follow my sister inside Uniqlo.I really like one one the cardigan there.But it quite expensive around 169 so that lupakanlah hasrat.Not keperluan...

 There you go.New Balenciaga store came to KLCC.But it quite simple design.

 The kiosk at the hallway 

 Versace store beside Fendi

 Marc Jacobs store.I'm loud when my sis looked at those advertised pic and a women carried the beg with her mouth with ugly face she said ugly sungguh muka dia,rasa nak pijak je..huh

One of my favourite store and beautiful one.Chanel store sign.hakhak...can chanel offer me one job please..

p/s:I still falling in love my Chanel store.Bila boleh masuk la agak-agak?hahah...tungguuuu bila sampai masanya nanti. 

7 perhentian

After finished my birthday sketch for blogger that i really adore..haha..really like..because he passion,really fashionable not like me,always sarung apa yang ada..No laahh..sometime we need a person to become a contoh so that we can move ourself to become more berjaya.haha..ok pujian agak melambung..So there his link..

I need to back in hurry to my college because tomorrow morning i have an early class.So that i can't be clumsy to getting there.My sister told not to go back because it is going to rain.But i need to.So there it is,in my way,up to gallery mufors highway, dah rasa rintik-rintik hujan..So i need to stop before get wet and cold.So hujan still tak tunjuk nak berenti.I pun got bored and don't know what to to..ohh yes actually i know..

So this is pondok buruk menjadi tempat persinggahan ku..chewahh hahah

 How lebat this hujan..Tuhan saja yang tahu

So it began with puding roti that my sis packed to me.Let's kita makan dulu sambil listen to MP3 with the song Talking to the moon by Bruno marc

 The we proceed with Chasing Harry Winston.

Ok bye,i nak habiskan sesi pembacaan before hujan getting reda and i boleh balik kolej.

p/s : ala2 tujuh perhentian lakonan era fazira tak?..haha

KLCC information

KLCC's Scenery 
Am i the person who really like to promote Malaysia fascinating? ok what.I'm truly Malaysia,so i'm proud to be the one.Sometime there a lot of people yang tak bersyukur.You know what,Malaysia lah tempat paling aman,tempat paling banyak makanan,tempat paling selamat nak beribadah!!!So be pround and stop talking nonsense about malaysia.Kalau nak merunggut,pergi lah duduk somalia!!Okey i'm emotional.

So there you go.KLCC park that i've been visited frequently.I just love to be there duduk2 and feel the environment.Ok tak awesome langsung kan!!..Let's just keep looking at the pics.

Sometimes we just look at the pic and everybody knew what that,but they just know about the pic and lack about the information.So there i let you know what behind all the skyscrapercity pics that i picked.

Ok everybody knew it is KLCC.The most tallest building in the world but now it turn to no.4 for the tallest building in the world.Most foreigners suka dengan KLCC sebab dorang cakap KLCC is the beautiful tower.So that,they ramai yang spend time there and like to shopping.

Ok there the new tower beside KLCC.Don't get shock,it also belong to KLCC group.Named as Tower 3 or  Menara Carigali and the below level are the Suria KLCC new wing or new expansion called Lot C.So the Lot C carried almost luxury label such as Giorgio Armani,Chanel flagship,Ermenegildo Zegna**am i spell it right?,Armani cafe and a lot upcoming store to be open.

source:skyscrapercity web

Huge Cartier boutique with all the road facade.Chanel boutique is the huge one in asia tenggara i thinks.Carried almost all the stuffs and it is duplex store.I do not copy from the other site ok,all what i said,i went there and i saw.

 Ok there you go.Mandarin Oriental Hotel(left).One of the famous and luxury hotel among the visitors.beautiful building facade the KLCC tower.But now Menara Carigali just block the view room from Mandarin Oriental.When we looking from far,Mandarin tower just saw very small.hahah..But don't forget,there a new will coming next to Petronas Tower,i mean at the right of that KLCC.The most luxury hotel Four Seasons Hotel(right) hahaha and it quite tall approximately about 66 floor instead.But it is still under proposal and not start construct yet.

You know that tower?Oh i tell you,that Grand Hyatt Hotel and Resident.Will be complete the end of this year i think.Beside of Grand Hyatt,there Impiana Hotel and new tower currently on construct.What the best about Grand Hyatt,it about the grand lobby.It not on the lower level as we can saw to the other hotel,but the lobby is on the top floor..Ok bosan kan...Know lah i think it just pengetahuan am.

 That green look building belong to Trander hotel and the twin building on the left are belong to The binjai on the KLCC park.The most highest rate resident.The penhouse units reach about 33million and sold by the Germany Businessman.

p/s:i love tempat tinggi...flyyy..ahaks

Weekend splendid again and again

Weekend Splendid....
Due to the end of October month,i'm not planning to go somewhere because it's about 4 or 5 straight weekend times i did out for played.So i decided to stay at room and finish all of my assignments and reports and keep study a little bit for test next week.And suddenly i got a call from my sister and she want to go out and want me to follow them.I ask where,because i'd really not desired to go somewhere.She said "poor u,we wanna go to Aquaria KLCC!"
Ohhh it really hold me down.I need to make a quick decision neither to follow them or not..So you know what,sometime we just lost to make a decision not to go.

I've been able to go to Putrajaya(my sister house) early saturday morning due to the non stop rained on friday evening.I don't have any rain coat,and i the one who really hate let my body and my cloth getting wet.So i just quick hurry wake up then went to gerai makcik jual nasi lemak at sek.2 bought some nasi lemak to my sister's family and not to forgot my roomate.He's got fever and i can't do nothing to let him feel well.So there your breakfast,and i hope you get better soon.

arrived at KLCC,then went to Aquaria.We thought we just made a wrong planning time because there a huge group of young students.It almost a hundreds of them inside.Standard 1or 2, you know how excited there are.Really noisy and run there run here.Seem like it a birthday party there.Ikan also takut dengan budak2 tuh..annoyed sangat!!mana cikgu pengiring nih??..mana??

So there a randoms pic i snapped..Oh the ticket about to expensive for local visitor i think.It costs about rm35 for adult and rm20 for children.I'm not hesitated because bukan i yang i got demanded sikit.hahaha

To story about how sad when i look at cashier at souvenir shop there.You know bila budak2 sekolah darjah satu getting shopping,everything they want to buy without counting they have enough money of not.There a long queue dengan budak2 nih..i jadi rimas and lemas pulak,so decided to let my abang ipar yang beratur due to anak buah i yang pegang teddy seal or walrus??i dont know..taknak lepas dah..So nak tak nak papa dia terpaksa beratur panjang.Ohh about the cashier,budak2 sekolah tadi tu,beli barang tak cukup duit.almost over the limit about 10 or 20 ringgit!!!So the poor cashier sebab dah scan the barcod terpaksa use their own money to help the young kids there.So tu baru 2-3 budak yang i nampak..not count yang tengah long queue sambil borak pasal ikan talapia pregnant masa observe the aquarium tadi...foreigners also got med.!!

So we don't spend so much good time there because be crowded by young kids,and my anak buah pun asyik meragam sebab lapar so we decided just go out and jalan-jalan cari makan..lets.   

p/s :angkat budak tadi bagi bagi makan jerung..boleh?haha..joking

Monday, October 24, 2011

hug me please

Lately i felt so tired and just wanted to sleep.I don't know why but it made me felt better when i'm in bed insided my duvet.Oh no i'm not sleeping beauty guy..not at all.I just sleep at night as normal people.As i said it just happened lately.I'm still awake,not in real sleep.But i just close my eye and feel nothing and avoided from laptop,book,food,etc.

When i not in the mood,so there it is.I don't know what exactly i think actually.There a lot in my head.Seem liked currently i undertake such a huge problem in my shoulder.Oh god,please help me out of this feeling.Ohh actually someone had said to me before.I heard from him,he told me that,if you want someone read and enjoy your blog,avoid from story about your life and feeling...What??Dear darling,i don't need a reader maaa...don't need at all.If i need a reader and really focus about blogging,to put everythings such hideous things form Nuffnang ads,your own nasty face top header,and so on,it not worth at all.

I do blogging just to be cool and relax.I do story what i feel,what occurred around me,my expression and my interest as well.I do not promote something that i don't have,or i do not feel it or i do not go.Lets say,some blogger really like to advertised about Ipad or whatever,and promoted it like it is very good and very sophisticated stuff and very useful but at the same time he did not use it at all.So where he know that stuff it really good??Is that hipokrit or what??

So i do blogging to spend my time,i do not playing football,i do not swimming etc.So what i have,what i do,this is what i am.Sory agak termerapu..but that the hakikat right..
Oh i do read a book "doa-doa harian" is a good one.very cheaper only rm4 that i bought today afternoon.Oleh kerana agak pemalas sejak-sejak kebelakangan ini,jadi haruslah mencari sesuatu yang mampu mengelakkan diri dari lebih malas.

p/s:tarik selimut,baca doa tidur..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

wordless saturday

Ok,i have no idea what i suppose to do in this weekend.There still a lot unfinished report and assignment should be summit this week.But what to do,i text my friend  to watch the movie.5 star i gave to real steel because the plot of the story very hilarious and of course huge jackman as usual of my hero type.haha.So with the best seated couple seat we choose ,large popcorn and huge coca cola...that truly amaze me.I do respect to the director because they think different with what malaysia director think..i do watch malay movie but not too frequently but to watch in cinema,it not worth at all.Oh kang nanti i kena cop not patriotik pulak..ok return,we saw our friend in front of our seat,name called Ammar,he's with he's housemate i think,he's charmed and no wonder my friend really shy to speak with him.haha..poyo lah kau..

Then we had the dinner at Johnny Stimboat,and my friend looking for shoes.I suggest many shoe to him and he's not really attracted at all..*nanges sebentar!!

Return back college,i need to wash my cloths,there a lot!!..melimpah ruah jugak.seminggu punya..So the story when i saw the washing machine still have a cloths inside but it not working at all.So i guess maybe the guy going to find the coins and i wait for another 10 minutes and there no one coming.So to be consider,i put the cloths out and fill with my cloths inside.So buddy,don't be selfish,no one have to wait for you and serve your drama queen.Common lah,nama je budak university master bagai,but to be mature sikit pun susah.

Kita hidup,ada stuff yang kita need to share to each other.bukan makan sorang.So respect lah.Itu lagi mau ajar??

Friday, October 21, 2011

my course outline

My friend to my roommate asked me about my course line up here.I really don't have the idea to explain to him.As well he quite cute for me to ignored...hahah ok silly.It is about geography??he asked me..So since he asked about my course regularly, my course here is about surveying.How we can presuppose the earth what we standing now,how we calculate and determine the coordinates for the point we want to and as well as,to determine the border for you land in geran.i sure you all know i??

So since our grandfather known a person like me as orang pejabat tanah,regarded to settle the geran and so on,No,there just a little bit part of my course.That a huge substation or what we call subsidiary..yes!We consider to learn about.

Cadastre Surveying 
(more to produce the grant),
Engineering Surveying
(more to produce the control plan that has been containing from the first procedure before construction has begin)
(focus on the software up to produce the map or the system to evaluate the coordinate or the direction..)
Remote Sensing
(Refer more to satellite processing in order on how we can determine the bla..bla..bla..don't know to explain)
(Focus on the offshore survey and outline) come form this part!!
(The step to produce map.which i love the lecture so much..haha)
(The way which to contribute the image with full saturation to determine the control point in earth with the image from air)

So there a little bit part of my course outline here to be entitle you name with Sr.
I prefer more to G.I.S outline coz the rest of the part need more to site work and and i'm the one who really not into getting dark skin..*ok merapu..sila lempang!..

image source:internet

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i need that as soon

Since my bag that i using everyday now looked quite sympathy..So it time to change to the other bag for certain use.since my current bag now belong to backpack(because it easy for me to galas and a lot of book can be fill in a huge space.I do like the messenger or tote bag as much but due to my situation now,i think it might be difficult to handle it coz when i went to kuliah,there a 3 or more books i need to carry,a bottle of water,a little bit of sneak,not include my pencil case,calculator,mp3,medicine etc...see..i told you i'm not the person who are bring a pen and note during lecture hour.So i prefer more to backpack bag rather than messenger bag.I do love with these ZARA bags as much.Recently when i in ZARA pavilion store,there's not as much variety compared to their website.They just have something like briefcase bag and only about 4-5 bags in there.I think the rest of the bags are sold out or run of limit.

 This shoulder beg new arrival

i do love with this and simple.

p/s : it blurred my eye when i start looking zara website

source (

Pavilion KL splendid

 I did a lot of things in weekend lately and one of the Jalan-jalan cari makan, me and my friend went to Pavilion KL just for window shopping.believe me,i'm not the person do the lepaking **am i spelling right? lepak right.I'm not entering shopping mall without buy anything.But in this cased, we just don't know what to do during saturday   evening and i just recommended to him going to Pavilion just for fun.I just love the scenery of that mall.the couture pavilion...No they can't put the couture word in front because the brands bringing the couturier look come form paris and the couture is not the same as ready to wear looks.Couture carried all the art look from top to bottom and hand made from the dress until the accessory.Ok...bored talking about that..So here the random pic of "couture pavilion" area in pavilion KL...Ohh one more,the front facades of the luxury brand is my favourite.


Sometimes i'd really admired what god gave to me.I'm not talking about what i did everyday but what i have the most important than the other.My pair of hand story a thousand explanation.So the story not just related to what i have done for my course in campus, but in that period,i do using my pair of hand to do a lot of spectacular things.My hands knew to wrote,it also knew to sketch the portrait ,it also knew to do the math calculation,and also knew to handle the course stuff.How i'm glad to have what god gave to me.**ok merapa

So here my latest portrait of my favorite model Natasha poly as my collection.There a lot of my friends portrait i did before and i sold it to them.haha...just the side income ma...But it is not expensive..just did as a minat,but maybe one time, i do like to open my own galleria with my name stand alone..hehe..

Ok maybe it is not looked the same with the real pics,but i think ok la sebab i tak ambil art course..right??=)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

table for study

Being a single guy is not bad for me at all,because i love the way i managed  myself to be organized.Sometimes they said being a single men, should be live in messy stuff,the cloth not to be ironed and the messy and smelly bed-sheet.How can i live with that situation if i can do that for my own.i don't need someone else to lipat my  baju or to clean my study desk,it belong to me.To keep it clean,i just did a small step,Don't let it messy for more than one hour.If you let it for more than the period,believe me,you will falling to lazy to clean it up after that.So being single student,is no doubt to be a messy guy.

So look at my new novel that i bought a month ago that i never finish it yet.Look at the bind with the green heel,I've no time to read at all.Chasing Harry Winston.But it is a good story coz it a spin off from the novel The Devil Wear Prada.I hope i will finish read it before my mid sem break.

KLCC round trip

 I've been always talking about gateway lately that I've been through during my weekend and recently i have an opportunity to stay at Impiana Hotel KLCC.The hotel very close to the major shopping mall to those yang very excited about shopping stuff.I've booked superior room one because that just the room left regarding from the manager mail to me.But it ok because the superior room also not coming with the cheaper price.haha.After tired with Midvalley Hotel area,i just rather to choose the hotel near KLCC.

Love the relaxing chair like that

I more prefer king size

Actually the parking quite difficult there because the Hotel don't have the exactly parking space,so to those who are drive,need to be escorted by the staff to the KL Convention Center to park the car there.Because they have their reserved parking lot.It quite blase right if you wanna go out to where else but you need to walk to the parking lot in different building.So the check in fast and upon my arrival,i request non smoking room but they don't have any non smoking room left and they asked us to wait a couple more hour.Ohh dear i don't have a time to wait.So they offer us to upgrade the room with deluxe room but in smoking mode with the same rate.I just accept it because we just run out of time.

So the room quite huge,comfortable twin bed similar like the other hotel i had stayed before.So enjoy the pics of deluxe room in Impiana hotel KLCC.Actually the hotel surrounded by the construction area and it quite noisy.Impiana extension behind the hotel,in front,there the luxury grand hyatt hotel to be well coming at the end of this year i think.But over all,i just satisfied during my stayed.Those who want to stay there,here is the website for reservation.

Monday, October 17, 2011

fall issue

Random pics my recent trip to Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam.First time and the last one go there and there no more!!there nothing for us.We were visited the 4 season house.There is no special thing there,it just a house and the fall feeling surround.There a flower,small artificial English house and that it.I just curios why it is built in the middle of forest like that.It is about 2km away from the entrance and visitors need to take shuttle bus to go to the every destination there.I don't take any brochure so i don't know what really happen there.But there a lot of family members went there with all the bekal2 makanan and so on.So maybe they want to take a rest there with the mosquito and monkeys and so on.But to support Malaysia fascinating,Bukit Cahaya must visit destination for those yang really like in green destination and love the forest a lot.I just made a shorted walk there and maybe about ten years later,i will think to revisit again..haha

p/s :I wish i could be in Paris for this fall